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DHR no longer has hard copies available of archaeological publications. The publications listed below are now available as PDFs. Please contact Lauren Leake if you are interested in receiving at no cost PDFs of any publication below.

Research Report Series

  • No. 1: Colonial Plantation Hoes of Tidewater Virginia  (1980)
  • No. 2: Archaeological Test Excavations of Site 44RU7 at a Late Woodland Village in Lower Uplands of Southwest Virginia (1981)
  • No. 3: Ceramic Study of Woodland Occupation Along the Clinch and Powell Rivers in Southwest Virginia (1987)
  • No. 4: Archaeological Investigations of Sites 44JC70 and 44JC71 at Croaker Landing (1988)
  • No. 5: Native American Sites in a Fall Line Transition Study Area (1989)
  • No. 6: Blacksmith Shops in Catawba, Virginia: Archeological and Historical Investigation (1994)
  • No. 7: Archaeological Assessment of Sites 44PY7, 44PY43, 44PY152 at Leesville Lake, Pittsylvania County (1996)
  • No. 8: Archaeological Investigations of Site 44SX202, Cactus Hill, Sussex County, Virginia (1997)
  • No. 9: Native American Settlement at Great Neck: Report on VDHR Archaeological Investigations of Woodland Components at Site 44VB7, Virginia Beach, Virginia (1998)
  • No. 10: The Potomac Creek Site (44ST2) Revisited (1999)
  • No: 11: The Life of a Potter, Andrew Pittman (44FK528), (2001)
  • No. 12: Early Horticultural Settlement in the James River Piedmont:  Excavations at the Partridge Creek Site (44AH193), Stapleton, Virginia, (2003)
  • No. 13: The Williamson Clovis Site, 44DW1, Dinwiddie County, Virginia:  An Analysis of Research Potential in Threatened Areas (2003)
  • No. 14: Emergency Excavations at the Sawyer Site (44RN39), Area B:  A Protohistoric Site in Roanoke County, Virginia (2004)
  • No. 15: The Buzzard Rock Site (44RN2): A Late Woodland Dispersed Village (2005)
  • No. 16: The Bonham Site (44SM7): A Late Woodland Village Complex in Smyth County, Virginia (2005)
  • No. 17: The Werowocomoco (44GL32) Research Project: Background and 2003 Archaeological Field Season Results (2007)
  • No. 18: Archaeological Investigation of the Remains of Two Early 18th-Century Vessels in the Mattaponi River at Newington Plantation, King and Queen County, Virginia (2013)
  • No 19: The Werowocomoco Research Project: 20042010 Seasons (2016; available only as a PDF)

Technical Updates

  • No, 1: Investigations at the Gravel Pit Site44SX14 (1989)
  • No. 2: The Cullers Site-44PA128 (1989)
  • No. 3: The Fincastle Pottery-44BO304: Salvage Excavations at a 19th-Century Earthenware Kiln Located in Botetourt County Virginia (1990)
  • No. 4: Archaeological Investigations of Site 44NH8 at the Church Neck Wells Site, Northampton County (1997)
  • No. 5: Archaeological Salvage Excavations at Site 44GL320: A Middle Woodland/Early Colonial Site in Gloucester County, Virginia (1999)
  • No. 6: Portsmouth Shipwreck (44PM52) (2006)

Survey and Planning Report Series

  • No. 1: Archaeological Survey in Virginia:  Toward Preservation Planning (1988)
  • No. 2: An Archaeological Reconnaissance Survey of Craig County, Virginia (1991)
  • No. 3: An Assessment of Virginia's Underwater Cultural Resources (1994)
  • No. 4: Archeological Investigations of Site 44CF7, Falling Creek Ironworks and Vicinity, Chesterfield County Virginia (1995)
  • No. 5: Archaeological Investigations at Site 44CF102:  Osbornes Town Site, Chesterfield County, Virginia (1997)
  • No. 6: Archaeological Survey of the Chesapeake Bay Shorelines Associated with Accomack County and Northampton County, Virginia (2001)
  • No. 7: Archaeological Survey of the Atlantic Coast Shorelines Associated with Accomack County and Northampton County, Virginia (2003)

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