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About DHR

Contacting DHR:

The headquarters of the Department of Historic Resources is located at:
2801 Kensington Avenue
Richmond, VA 23221

Phone:  (804) 482-6446 (receptionist) or
             (804) 367-2323
Fax:      (804) 367-2391

We also have three regional offices:

  • Eastern Region Preservation Office (Richmond)
  • Western Region Preservation Office (Salem)
  • Northern Region Preservation Office (Stephens City)

DHR to Close Petersburg Office: The agency is now in the process of closing down our former “Administration Office” in Petersburg. The office—now a Fiscal Division—has been relocated to our Richmond headquarters. Please do not send mail or faxes to that office. For now, any mail or other correspondence (email or phone) intended for our Fiscal Division should be routed to Stephanie Williams, DHR Deputy Director, (804) 482-6082, 2801 Kensington Ave., Richmond, VA 23221.

For more information about, and the location of the regional office serving your locality, visit our Regional Preservation Offices webpage.

For a listing of DHR staff email addresses and phone numbers, visit our Staff Directory.

Or for a list DHR divisions and their respective staff, visit our Divisions Directory.

DHR's Mission:

The Virginia Department of Historic Resources is the State Historic Preservation Office in Virginia. Our mission is to foster, encourage, and support the stewardship of Virginia's significant historic architectural, archaeological, and cultural resources.

DHR Guidance and Planning Documents:

Our mission is guided by the following documents:

  • As Virginia’s State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO), DHR is mandated to periodically develop and publish a Statewide Comprehensive Preservation Plan (under by the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966, as amended). In late 2015 DHR completed a new plan, "Today's Treasure--Tomorrow's Trust, Virginia's Comprehensive Preservation Plan, 2016-2021." As a truly statewide and comprehensive historic preservation plan, this document is intentionally far-reaching and intended both to inspire and to represent the work of the diverse stakeholders who benefit and who shape the future of Virginia’s historic landscape. The goals, objectives, and suggested strategies outlined in the plan target DHR's next six-year planning cycle, 2016 through 2021. (Higher-resolution PDF for improved image quality here.)

  • DHR Strategic Plan 2014-2016  Please note: The link to the DHR Strategic Plan leads to the Virginia Performs website, where PDFs are available of DHR's Strategic Plan. The DHR Strategic Plan 2014-2016 dovetails with DHR's Comprehensive Historic Preservation Plan (above) and also our Work Plan (below).
  • DHR Work Plan Summary, October 2016 to September 2017: This annual document dovetails with DHR's Comprehensive Historic Preservation Plan (above).

DHR Reports:

  • Biennial Report on the Stewardship of State-Owned Properties: Report to the Governor and General Assembly:  In 2006, the General Assembly passed a bill that calls for DHR to develop two biennial reports, with the option that they might be combined, on the stewardship of state-owned properties. One report consists of two priority lists: (1) A listing of the Commonwealth’s most historically significant state-owned properties that are eligible for, but not designated on, the Virginia Landmarks Register; and (2) a priority list of significant state-owned properties, designated on or eligible for the VLR, which are threatened with the loss of historic integrity or functionality. The second report provides a biennial status update summarizing actions, decisions, and the condition of properties previously identified as priorities in the two lists. As in years past, DHR has combined both of these reports into one.

DHR Publications:

DHR also issues many online documents and other publications:

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